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Rivers Crossing Rivers Crossing
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Street Light Outages
Street light outages can be reported directly to Oncor. Please get both seven-digit numbers on the pole and the closest address of the pole to ensure timely repairs. It takes 10 to 15 days for a TXU repair.

If you would prefer to report a street light outage by phone, you can call Oncor directly at (888) 313-4747
Jonah Water  jonahwater.com
Clawson Disposal  www.clawsondisposal.com
Clawson will no longer pick up anything not in the blue Clawson disposal bin.  You can pay for a second bin if you need it, but they no longer pick up bags or non-clawson bins.
OSSF / Septic
All of our homes are equipped with Septic systems, if an aerobic system is in place Williamson County requires a permit every two years and also requires that a maintenance contract be in place.  www.wilco.org/ossf
Pool Key
You should have received your pool key at closing, if you did not, there is a $25.00 replacement fee for lost pool keys.
Spectrum  www.spectrum.com
Fiber Network
Local Phone Provider (traditional wired)  www.centurylink.com/phone/
Recycling is offered at the Williamson County Landfill and Clawson Disposal does single stream curbside recycling in the neighborhood.