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Pool Update
Posted on May 27th, 2020 Comments (0)
This is a follow up to the last pool communication.
Who is involved?
You - A Rivers Crossing neighbor interested in the current Rivers Crossing Pool situation
The Board - your neighbors that volunteered to lead Rivers Crossing
Pinnacle Texas Management Services - our association management company is providing guidance based on the best interest of the Rivers Crossing HOA and things learned from other neighborhood associations.
Willatt & Flickinger - The HOA's legal council - providing guidance from the legal standpoint about best practices and ramifications of acting too quickly or incorrectly

How did we get here?
The COVID-19 pandemic and global response is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. The pandemic did not arrive with a manual and politicians, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and everyone else have not come to a consensus on what is the safest or best way to move forward. Counties, cities, and states continue to modify their orders, sometimes at the last minute, so it's near impossible to just follow something. With the guidance of the association management company and the HOA's legal council, the Rivers Crossing Board is following a careful path forward based on information available to the public.

But where are we at?
The decision we have to make is more complex than 'open the pool' or 'keep it closed.' Right now, the pool remains closed, but we don't take that lightly. The board is continually discussing the situation with the association's management company and the association's legal representatives, when necessary. The Rivers Crossing Pool is categorized as a public facility. Opening the pool comes with the responsibility that certain requirements are met and that rules are followed -- and figuring out HOW is a difficult, complex, and time-consuming process. The additional requirements for opening could come with additional, unbudgeted costs for procuring and maintaining a stock of cleaning supplies, signage stating these requirements, and staff to monitor and ensure the requirements are met.
Upcoming Courtesy Reminders - Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Rivers Crossing
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)

The Board of Directors of the Rivers Crossing HOA engaged Pinnacle Texas Management Services to enforce the deed restrictions within the Association. Pinnacle Texas Management Services is responsible for periodic inspection of the neighborhood and notification to homeowners, and/or their tenants, when violations are observed. As some of you may have noticed, Pinnacle Texas Management Services has been doing bi-monthly inspections of our neighborhood, taking pictures, and assessing potential violations.
Beginning next week, COURTESY REMINDERS will be sent. The purpose of the letter is to advise homeowners that during a recent inspection of the community, the described condition(s) were observed, and if left uncorrected, would constitute a violation of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Rivers Crossing. The reminder will include a description of the violation, a web address (url), an issue ID, and an access code to view the photo taken.