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Pool Opening Saturday June 27, 2020
Posted on Jun 25th, 2020

Rivers Crossing Neighbors,
The Rivers Crossing HOA Board is happy to inform you that we plan to open the pool on Saturday June 27, 2020! We appreciate everyone's feedback and patience during the COVID-19 changes affecting our community.
The Rivers Crossing Pool will be a reservable amenity until further notice. We will continue to evaluate and consider changes to the pool reservation system based on feedback, demand to use the pool, as well as guidelines during COVID-19. Reservation is now open!
By reserving the pool and utilizing the reservation, you will be agreeing to follow the rules posted at the pool, in addition to guidelines provided. You are using the pool at your own risk and accepting responsibility for you and your guests. Failure to follow the guideline may result in your pool access being revoked.
The pool is reservable for up to 2 hours at a time and will be closed on Wednesdays.
How to reserve:
Go to http://www.riverscrossing.org/
Under Members click on ‘Reserve the Pool’
Choose your Date/Time slot
Once submitted the time slot is yours and nobody can reserve on top of it. It will go through an approval (5 board members). Consider the reservation yours but the board will be monitoring for any patterns of abuse.
Rules and Guidelines:
Operating capacity for the Rivers Crossing Pool, as of 06/24/2020, is 10 persons. This may be adjusted according to COVID-19 guidelines over time.
Please maintain an appropriate social distance of at least 6 feet with those not from your household
At the beginning of your time slot, using CDC recommended products or equivalent, clean and sanitize commonly touched surfaces (handrails, pool gate handles, shower handles, bathroom door handle and interior surfaces, etc.) to ensure they are cleaned to your standards. Any surfaces touched will require to be cleaned and sanitized on your way out.
Before you leave, ensure you gather and take all items, including trash, and clean any messes that may have occurred.
Be mindful of the time as your neighbors may have reserved the block after yours. Theirs and other's reservations shall not be delayed by you.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I have three people to bring to the pool. Can I offer the remaining people space to others during my time slot?
A: Follow the pool rules and guidelines above and understand you are responsible for those invited to your time slot.
Q: The pool is already dangerous, why are you making these changes?
A: Those were known dangers. With the unknowns of COVID-19, we can only follow the requirements, guidelines, and recommendations of state and local authorities, health officials, and legal counsel.
Q: Other pools hired people to monitor and clean. Why is it my responsibility?
A: Rivers Crossing does not have the budget and the demand to use the pool in our 151 home community may not necessitate the expense and work required to hire full-time staff. As responsible and respectful adults, we can band together to make this work and provide the safest environment possible for ourselves and our neighbors.
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