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Rivers Crossing Rivers Crossing

Pinnacle Drive thru today
Posted on Feb 24th, 2021

Good afternoon, 
It has come to the attention of the Rivers Crossing HOA Board of Directors that some residents are concerned at having seen the driver from Pinnacle Texas Management Services, our Association Manager, in the neighborhood today, so soon after last week's winter storms. Please be assured that both Pinnacle Texas and your Board of Directors understand and appreciate that last week's storms had a significant and widespread impact, and that many residents may have sustained damages to their property that are in need of attention and may require some additional time. As such, letters will not be sent on the basis of storm-related damages, short-term presence of trailers or other repair-related vehicles, construction or landscaping debris resulting from the storms, or landscaping conditions, if those conditions are observed during today's drive. 
However, if your property has violations that are not likely related to the storms, such as unapproved modifications made to the property, chronic conditions that were present before the storms and remain as of today's observation drive, passenger vehicles (not emergency or vendor vehicles) parked in yards, boats not placed behind a privacy fence, or similar violations that would not have been caused by or reasonably resulted from the storms last week, those types of violations will be enforced per the usual protocols. 
For those of you who sustained damages that may take more than two weeks to repair, we encourage you to reach out to Pinnacle Texas Management Services proactively to discuss the details of your situation. They can be reached at 512-795-8461.
We appreciate all of our residents -- you're what makes this community great! 
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