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New Web Site Registration Info
Posted on Mar 20th, 2012

Please click the Register link at the top left of the page to start the registration process.  This will give you access to the member only areas of the web site.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Why do I need to register?    - The secure area of the website contains information and applications that only residents need access to. 
  2. Why does the registration form ask so many questions? - We only require you to submit a name, address email and phone number.  All of the other fields are optional.  If you are not comfortable giving your phone number, enter 512-555-5555.
  3. What are Directory Options on the registration page?  - The first section of the registration page ask about your preferences for the member directory.  The member directory is in the secure area so only logged in members can see that information.  Select "No" if you do not want your information published in the member directory.
  4. Why do I need to provide the information in the "Other Details" section on the registration page?  - In an effort to allow residents that lease their property to have access to the member area, we need to know if a home is a lease property as there could be multiple people register with the same address. 
  5. Why do you need my pool key?  - Everything you do in the member area of the web site is tied to the Members username.  The user database is a way for us to maintain information tied to your membership.  You can skip this and add it in at a later time by editing your profile via the edit profile link.
  6. What happens after I register?  - Once you submit your registration, it will get approved by the site admin.  Upon approval, you will receive an email with your username and password listed in it.  You can then return to the page and login to the member area.
  7. What if I want to change my password?  - Login with the provided access information and you will see that the registration link is now a link to "Your Profile".  You can click that link and make changes to your profile including changing your website password.
Welcome Area Link Descriptions
  1. Homes for Sale -  If you are selling your Rivers Crossing home, you can list the information on the web site by submitting an ad from this link.  At our next board meeting, we will discuss a small, one time fee for listing a home on our site.
  2. Amenities - This section will get expanded as this is where we sell our Neighborhood to potential home buyers.  We list information / rules for using the pool, parks and pavilion areas.
  3. Community Links - Website links that are relevant to the area / residents.
  4. Our Sponsors - We are going to allow a limited number of businesses to sponsor the website and place an add on this page.  There will be an annual fee for this as we will use this to pay for the website expenses.  If you are someone is interested, submit an add from this page for more information.
  5. Contact Us  - Use the drop down list in the Send To field to choose who you would like to contact.
Member Area Only Link Descriptions
  1. Documents  - We will store all public HOA documents in this area, it's still being populated as we determine what information is required to be there and the structure we will use.
  2. Reserve the Pavilion - Automated process to select the date and reserve the pavilion.  Choose the date and select the time and submit the request.  The board will get a request and review for approval.  Once approved you will get an email from the system with further instructions.
  3. Find a Sitter - If you want to be listed as a child sitter, pet sitter or home sitter, click the link to submit a sitter.  You will be listed on the page (viewable to members only) and can be contacted if someone is looking for that service.
  4. Pet Directory - If you would like to have your pet listed on the website incase they get out or lost, then you can do there here. 
  5. Resident Forum - Have a subject you want to discuss?  The resident forum is just that, communicate with your neighbors about common interest, projects or anything else you can think of.  Be respectful.
  6. Site Search - Just what is says, you can search the site for information
  7. Upcoming Events - Area to announce upcoming events or meetings
  8. Online Payments - Yes, we are adding the capability to pay your assessments via credit card online.  This is not currently active as we are working on getting the processor set up.  There will be a convenience fee as all credit card services charge a fee per transaction.
  9. Board Zone - The is a Board Member only area and is used for board business.  Future boards will be able to see this information and have a record of how issues were handled, contracts were chosen and other board related decisions.
  10. Modifications Request - Use this to submit modification plans for your property.  This will create a request ticket and all information will be tracked and saved in the system for future reference. 
  11. Board Action Request - Use then when you need the board to take action or discuss an issue.  It will create a ticket that is again tracked in the system.
  12. Report Covenant Violation - If see a covenant violation and would like it to be addressed, submit this request and again, it will open a ticket where the issue will be tracked and documented.
When you submit a request via options 11-13, you will receive an email as well as update emails as the request is handled.  All communication between the board and the member that submitted the request will be maintained in the ticket for future reference.
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